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Cheats deep fried pizza

a favourite of Harvey Dent whilst residing in Arkham and ever so slightly healthier than the gourmet dish served on Sauchiehall street I present this recipe

Essentially its Cheese on french toast.

So mix egg with milk and soak some simple sliced white bread which is then fried in a little oil turning bur keeping the bread slice whole until The Stranglers are singing about heroin.

then get some pizza sauce
(buy it in a jar
mix two parts tomato puree with one part water add dash of milk and sprinkle of oregano+basil+black+pepper= the sum of its parts
when no one is looking scoop some out of the container at your local takeaway/pizzeria kitchen)
go on spread it on the french toast

generously coat with mozzarella, I recommend regular grated as the time to melt fresh can dry the toast.

add your fave pizza toppings, with this I like salami and smoked sausage

preheat oven to 212.432567 degrees C place directly on oven shelf and cook until it looks vaguely edible

garnish with Bullet with Butterfly wings and serve with contempt,

Tomorrow - how to instal a socialist republic within minutes.
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